Hello to all Whistler Minor Hockey Players and Parents

Lots happening this week to get everyone caught up on.

Should a player have to miss their tryouts due to a family situation or covid quarantine:

Once the player is cleared to come back, the player should get 3-4 practices with the team and possibly a game. Final decision on the player should be up to the coaching staff and WMHA board members. We would like to have our board members present at 2-3 of the practices and or a game.

Players and parents need to keep in mind a couple of key points during the tryout period. The rosters that are chosen for each team immediately after the tryout is a more of a working group than a final roster. The rosters are not set in stone at this point.  Players under quarantine, or away for family reasons will be given an opportunity to try out.  Players may return to the association from other teams, and they will get a tryout.

One potential timeline for rep players.

  1. Working groups set after initial tryouts.
  2. Initial rosters after the first set of cohort games.
  3. Final roster by January carding deadline.

Fixed season schedule

We hear that a fixed schedule is needed, and this is the end goal.  We are working to create a proposed season schedule for members to look at before October 1.  A key date that we hope to have a fixed schedule operating would be the week following Thanksgiving, which is currently when the PCAHA plans to start league play for roughly one half of its 4-team cohorts.

Between now and then, we are trying to have paid coaches visit each group of kids and these paid coaches have to schedule our needs with their availability.  We also are trying to give divisions that usually have all early morning ice slots, a rotation that gives them an afternoon practice.

As we move along Meadow Park is increasing the amount of players permitted on the ice, again affecting logistics and the ability to schedule.  We do hear you, and we are trying to get to the end goal, there are just some hurdles in the way we need to get over.

What we look to when and if we get to playing games.

Ideally Whistler teams will be broken down into cohorts with 2-3 other teams.  Probably West Van, Sunshine Coast, Squamish, and possibly Hollyburn.  These cohorts will be rotated a few times during the season so we can play other PCAHA teams in our divisions.

Over a three week span, you will play the other teams in your cohort, probably only once each, then take a two week break where you go back to just practices.  The powers that be will regroup the cohorts based on the results, and try to build a second balanced cohort.  Then the cycle goes again.

Coaching coordinator Jason Rance, along with Jeremy Robb have been working overtime to solidify coaches for our U11, U13, and U18 rep teams.  At this point each team has a strong candidate wanting to work with these teams and a confirmation will happen this week. A few logistics are yet to be worked out, and we expect to be able to announce coaches within the week.

As we are now hearing of COVID-19 cases being confirmed within our community, a brief outline of what a positive test COULD mean for you.

If someone tests positive for covid 19, the info is immediately sent to a caseworker at VCH, Vancouver Coastal Health, and it’s the caseworkers job to contact trace the infected person’s steps.  VCH will decide what contacts are at risk for transmission and get in direct contact with these people.

The contacted individuals will be asked to get a covid 19 test if they start to exhibit symptoms, if they do not have symptoms they do not have to get tested, but still must quarantine for 14 days from the last day of known contact with the person that originally tested positive.  This 14 day quarantining COULD affect the entire family of the person that was in direct contact with the original covid positive person.

Your WMHA board is looking through the windshield, looking to move forward and get to the next step. But we also know we have to keep our eye on the rear view mirror to be ready to adapt to any situation that arises.

Kevin Sopp
WMHA Member-at-Large



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