Late December update.

WMHA Members and Players –

As the last shot has been taken for 2020, I’d like to thank a whole lotta people for everything they have done for Whistler minor Hockey.

First and foremost, the players and parents.  Granted, at times, we have all had our numbers called, our actions questioned, and our justifications trumped.  But overall, you parents have done a great job getting your sons and daughters to the rink in a timely fashion and all with out the greatest lost privilege, the right to be able to sit inside and watch your child play the game.  Thanks to the players, who with no games in sight, continue to want to come to the rink to practice and improve themselves.

Thanks to the many volunteers who are putting countless hours in managing, safe-t-ing, and coaching.  Managers and safeties have had an increased work loads this year due to Covid-19 and have done a remarkable job keeping their teams on the ice.  Coaches have done a great job keeping practices focused on fun and skill development while always keeping in mind the ever-changing safety protocols of the day.
Whistler minor hockey is pleased to have three key young coaches joining our association while balancing the young lifestyle in whistler, their coaching obligations to the associations, and their commitments to their regular jobs.  Thanks Amanda, Kayla, and Garrett.  I would also like to thank Bob and Tony Andrea for their time helping with the Midget C team.

The Board has done a great job navigating through the everchanging pandemic winds.  Staying on top of updates from Dr. Henry, viaSport, PCAHA, and BCAHA has been no easy task.  Deciphering the information, making changes quickly when necessary, and getting the info distributed, has been no easy task, but board members have gone above and beyond to keep the players on the ice.

We would also like to thank the Meadow Park Sports Center admin and rink staff for their partnership and efforts keeping us on track and the facility clean and safe.

With all of our experiences in this strange year so far, we’d like to hear your reflections and suggestions on the season so far, and the rest of the season yet to come.

Please join the conversation here.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, All the best for 2021.

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