Oct. 30th Update.

Hello WMHA members,

It seems the rules around covid are more like a revolution as opposed to evolution, as we were told, things can change quick. Starting this weekend, Manager’s will be the on-site Liaison for WMHA for their scheduled game-time. The purpose of this is that there is a direct point of contact between MPSC front-line and maintenance staff and the WMHA so that issues can be resolved as they arise.

Managers will be required to check in at the front desk of MPSC 20 minutes before their scheduled game. Managers will be on call for MPSC staff should issues arise regarding delayed starts, parent issues, or any game time problems. As a parent, your manager is also your first point of contact. If you see a potential issue, albeit big or small, please make note of it to your manger before it becomes a major issue. Managers can now ask MPSC to have the large blue curtain covering the front main window, to have it raised or lowered. Don’t count on the curtain being raised on a sunny bright day as the glare of the ice is a safety issue for the players. So, with any luck, during the months of November and December, parents “should” be able to watch their children play, even if it is from outside.

As you can see, team managers now have added responsibilities which will require even more of their time. They are there to help the fluidity of the game time process, for the entire team, but not there to cater to any one person’s singular needs.

Players are not permitted in MPSC until they are invited in by the team manager via the backdoor entrance. As it is now a municipal policy, mask wearing is mandatory through out MPSC. The only exception is when players enter the field of play which includes the players benches, the penalty box, and the ice surface. This means you wear your mask while you are walking down the hallway on your way to the players’ bench. Players must be prepared to put the masks back on at the conclusion of the games once they enter the hallway heading to their dressing rooms. Team personal are required to wear masks on the benches when the 2m social distancing cannot happen.

Note: MPSC has disposable masks available upon entry to the facility, rinks in the city do not have masks available and will not let you in if you do not have your own. Please get in the habit of having extra masks in your players hockey bag.

MPSC was made aware of the early winter season conditions down the back-lane entrance way and will be on top of this situation moving forward. Please contact your team manger if conditions are poor upon entering the rink.

The revised team entry protocol from last week will remain in effect. Both teams will enter via the very back entrance door at the bottom of the back lane. Visiting team should enter all together, as best as possible, first. Then the home team can enter, all together, as best as possible. Both teams are to arrive fully dressed. The visiting team will use the arena lobby to put on their skates, helmets, and gloves. The home team will use the hallway adjacent to dressing room 4, max capacity of 6, as well as the small lobby, max capacity of 3, at the far end of the hall past dressing room 4. Once players have their skates on, they are to move to the home team players bench to allow the rest of the players to get their skates on. Safety masks are always to be worn, by all players and team officials during this process.

Players from either team are NOT permitted to use any dressing rooms prior to their games.

At the conclusion of the game, the visiting teams are permitted to use dressing rooms 1-3, and the home team is permitted to use dressing room 4, and the chairs in the hallway in front of dressing room 4. Players are ONLY taking off their skates and helmets while in the dressing rooms and NOT fully undressing to change into street clothes. Safety masks are always to be worn while in the dressing rooms or the hallway. Time is of the essence, so players need to take their skates off quickly and leave the facility. As both teams will be using the exit at the end of the hallway, past dressing room 4, we ask that the home team exit first to limit the amount of contact between the teams. For goalies removing pads, skates, gloves, and helmets is acceptable.

Scorekeepers and timekeepers are now asked to complete the contact tracing form and health questionnaire. To do so please visit https://www.whistlerminorhockey.com/covid. There is a specific icon for scorekeepers and timekeepers on this link.

Kevin Sopp

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