Return to game play at Meadow Park.

Hello WMHA members

As most of you have seen, maybe some already experienced, actual games are now being scheduled on Team Snap!! Yay!!

A few things to keep in mind as we plan to attend the games.  Each facility will have its own protocols as to:

  • How to enter
  • How many people in total can be inside the given facility
  • Can players get partially dressed in the facility or do they need to show up fully dressed with skates on
  • Where is it recommended for parents, that cant go inside the facility, to wait

As these protocols are evolving, you may not know the answers till you physically get to your game.  Totally last minute, games could be cancelled, and the length of the games could be reduced from what we are used to. Yes, we may drive to the city for a 45 to a 75 minute game.  Game start times maybe earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings than what we are accustomed to.

One thing to note and to help your managers be clear on as far in advance before traveling down to a game is that not all players on your team may be allowed to play due to numbers limits.

Even if you run into disappointment at another facility, please be respectful of the facility staff. I’ve already heard stories about city parents, who were not permitted inside the rink to watch the games, getting abusive towards facility employees.  Please keep in mind that everyone is doing their jobs and we are all doing the best we can to keep moving forwards.  As parents, we are also representatives of Whistler minor Hockey, and need to act accordingly.

A few weeks back Meadow Park had some concerns regarding the amount of people congregating around the main entrance to the facility, and the ease of entrance and exit from the facility by all users. As more and more people are now using the facility, Whistler Minor Hockey, has now been asked to use the new entry procedure which by now, most of our membership has seen, and is outlined below.  I have seen other user groups following the new entry procedure as well, so it seems that this will be the standard for all ice users.

A special thanks to Erin Marriner for putting together the below document with such specificity and detail.

New Entry Procedures for Meadow Park Sports Centre for Safety Officials

New this Saturday, October 17, 2020 all WMHA players and team officials will enter Meadow Park Sports Centre through the back entrance closest to the lobby (see map below). Below are the new procedures for Safety Officials.

  1. The Safety Official will enter the front door of the Meadow Park Sports Centre (MPSC) 20 minutes before their scheduled ice time. (If you are arriving with your player they can accompany you when you check-in and proceed to the lobby).
  2. The Safety Official will check-in with the front-desk staff.
  3. The Safety Official will walk through the lobby to the backdoor by the vending machines and open this door. The screenshot below lists ENTRANCE.
  4. The Safety Official will confirm health questionnaires and direct players and team officials to the lobby to put on the rest of their equipment.
  5. At the start of the scheduled icetime the Safety Official will close the entrance door. This door will lock to the outside.

Please ensure that only players and team officials are entering the facility. Initiation parents are allowed in to assist young players, but must leave the facility when they are done providing this assistance. There cannot be more than 24 people in the lobby at one time; this number includes MPSC staff.

Please reach out to Erin Marriner, Risk Manager at with questions or concerns. A communication update will be provided to the membership.

Thanks for your time

Kevin Sopp


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