Equipment Checklist

The following information has been collated for both, the parent and the child's benefit i.e. if any of the following equipment is missing from your child then he or she will be benched or sent home. Further, if the child gets away from being noticed NOT to have one or more pieces of certified equipment listed below, it poses a tremendous risk to both the health and well being of the player and as a financial risk to the association should the child get injured as a result.

Required Equipment for all WMHA players, unless otherwise indicated - NO EXCEPTIONS!    


It must be CSA certified with CSA certified face guard/mask correctly installed. The helmet must fit snuggly on your child’s head and should not have any loose and missing screws, cracks, decals, and stickers not affixed by the manufacturer may void the CSA certification and are therefore prohibited/will not pass CMHA inspection. DO NOT REMOVE ANY MANUFACTURERS STICKERS. The chin strap is to be fitted SNUGLY under the chin. If in doubt please have the coach or HCSP check your child’s helmet. DO NOT USE BICYCLE/SKATE-BOARD  HELMETS!

Throat Protector

It must be BNQ certified (have a BNQ stamp)


The most critical aspect is the size, too often parents buy a size up in order to save money. In fact, you are wasting money because after a few sessions either the coach/instructor will have noticed or the child will simply be unable to keep up with the most basic drills, and you will have to buy another pair of skates. Do it right the first time! Laces should not be tied around the ankles as it restricts movement of the ankle joint and actually causes premature wear of the skates. Lace length should be just adequate to allow one or two butterfly knots.

Hockey Shin Pads

They must be long enough to cover from top of skate to bottom of pants. The skate tongue should be tucked UNDER the shin pad. Soccer shin pads are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Either a garter belt or a jock shorts with Velcro straps ( belt is optional). Socks should extend from top of skate to top of leg, no major rips/tears.  Game socks are provided by association.

Hockey Pants

They must be long enough to meet top of shin pad and high enough for kidney pad to protect kidneys. All padding must be in place.

Athletic Supporter

 Jock strap for boys, Jill strap for girls. It must be worn at all times on the ice.

Chest Protector, Shoulder Pads and Elbow Pads

There should be continuous protection extending down the arm from the shoulder pad to the elbow pad to the glove with minimal or no gaps. Elbow pads should fit tightly enough that they resist sliding out of position when pulled or pushed along the length of the arm- should meet the bottom of the shoulder pad and wrist area of glove. The chest protector should cover the heart area/sternum and be made of rigid or semi-rigid material.


Ensure there are no holes. Many gloves do not sufficiently protect the upper wrist area which is highly susceptible to injury. Wrist guards ( optional ) can be purchased separately for added protection.


It should be large enough to extend over the top of pants and elbow pad, not tucked in. Please try to have your child with two opposite colours whenever possible typically, black and white.


Typically it should come up to the player’s chin or lower, while wearing skates. Tape should be wrapped around the blade and the butt end of the stick ( sufficient to prevent the butt end of the stick from fitting through a face mask). No cracking or splintering. End cap on composite sticks in place.


It is  recommended but not mandatory.

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