Children with International Birth Certificates

Please note, this process can take time and can delay start date, please fill out ASAP.

A member who was not born in Canada (even though he is a Canadian Citizen and may never have played hockey in the past) is required to have an  International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) transfer approved before being eligible to participate in playing hockey in Canada.

Parents need to provide the items required below in order to obtain the approval. Attached are the forms for the last 3 documents listed.

  • Application for Player Movement (if player played previously in another country)
  • Proof of residence – 2 pieces
  • Proof of Status in Canada (Copy of one of the items below)
    1. Canadian Citizenship Card or copy of confirmation of application of Citizenship (Including file #)
    2. Canadian Passport
    3. Permanent Residents Card or copy of confirmation of application of permanent residency (including file #)

Please click on each item to download the forms required before registration is complete.

Once complete, please send to to start the process

Letter From Parent

International Transfer

International Transfer Card

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