FAQ A-League Hockey

A-League Hockey FAQ’s 2022/23 Season

What is the expected commitment to play on a rep team?
Hockey is a team sport and commitment to practices and games is expected regardless of the league you play in. Having said that the A league will have roughly double the games that the C league has and at the U13-U18 level provincials are also a possibility.

Are there additional costs associated with being on a Rep team?
Yes, an additional fee of $150 will be charged by the association and this is to cover the extra ice and official usage with more home games. There will also be a cost involved for a paid coach. These costs can be offset by sponsorship and fundraising. A shorter bench will be a larger cost per player. In past seasons the extra cost has been around $550 per player.

When does the season start/end?
League play for A league starts October 4th, and C league starts October 7th. A 10-week
season for Rep and 14 weeks for C, then playoffs for both. Provincials for U13-U18 will run early
into Spring Break for teams that make it that far. Each player will have to cover the extra fees for
the team and coaches in the event they go to provincials.

How many games a week do Rep teams play?
Usually, two games per week, depending on conflicts. Could be weekend or midweek games. How far do Rep teams need to travel to play games?

How many tournaments should we expect in a season?
2-3 tournaments. Tournament expenses are not included in your registration fees.

How far do Rep teams need to travel to play games?
Teams come from all over the lower mainland, so rep teams can expect to cross bridges and play games further on a field than the C teams. There is a chance that a US team will be back in the U13-U18 divisions this season which could mean a trip or two to Seattle.