Referee Clinic

Level 1:  Open to players 12 – 15 years of age as of December 31 of the current calendar year

NOTE: If you are a NEW official, you MUST complete the Hockey University Officiating 1/2 Online Module PRIOR to registering.

Please see the links below for registration for Officiating Clinic 1813.

Whistler Minor will reimburse clinic fees at the end of the season once you have done at least 5 games. Please send the copy of your receipt to

Level 1: Officials - Level 1
Level 2: Officials - Level 2 Age 16/17
Level 2: Officials - Level 2 Age 18+
Level 3: Officials - Level 3 Age 17
Level 3: Officials - Level 3 Age 18+

Kids age 16 are eligible to take the clinic. If you are a parent of a prospective first-year official, please give me a call or send me an email, so I can discuss with you the details and what to expect in the first-year officiating program. We have a target number for new officials to balance having enough coverage for the games and enough work for the kids to stay engaged.

For officials aged 18+, I would ask that you log into your Hockey Canada profile immediately to check that your Criminal Record Check (CRC) is up to date. You can find this information under Qualifications where it will list your CRC expiry date (typically 3 years from when last performed). Having an up-to-date CRC is required to be able to register for a clinic, so please check this now to get the process started if needed as it does take some time. There are two processes to complete a CRC depending on your age as shown in the sections below.

Level 1's:

- classroom clinic from 10am-4:30pm, including an on-ice instructional session at 4:45pm

-please bring skates, a helmet with a half visor if possible, and a whistle for the on-ice session

-lunch plans/break TBD

-Hockey Canada certification test at 3-4 pm

-both sessions are mandatory to be certified as an official by Hockey Canada

If you are a RETURNING official then no pre-task is required because you would have completed the Hockey University (HU) ‘Officiating 1/2’ course in a previous season. You may proceed with your HCOP clinic registration.

If you are a NEW Level 1 official you are required to complete the Hockey University ‘Officiating 1/2' modules prior to attending the face-to-face clinic. Links for this task are on in the Additional Information tab on the signup page.

Level 2's aged 16/17 this year:

-classroom clinic from 10am-4pm concluding with the Hockey Canada certification test

Level 2's (18+):

-classroom clinic from 10am-4pm concluding with the Hockey Canada certification test

NOTE: if you're not a registered BC Hockey player or coach you will need to purchase the insurance at $46.80

-please make sure your CRC is up to date. If you need to update your CRC by visiting the following website link using the access code provided: access Code: FY4HH6R6BN. Should you have any concerns about your submission please contact This needs to be submitted prior to being able to register!

-All Officials that are 18 years of age by December 31, 2022 must fill out the online CRC form as indicated from BC Hockey () with your Parent or Guardian’s signature and send a scanned copy of the signed form to / or fax it to 1-250-356-1889.

All Officials

Payment is required through the Hockey Canada website to finalize registration. The fees are listed on each signup page.

Please note that it is mandatory that all BC Hockey officials have Hockey Canada insurance and pay the associated participant assessment fees. Officials that are NOT registered as a player or team official with a minor hockey team are required to pay these participant assessment fees. If you ARE registered as a player or team official with a minor hockey team these fees have already been paid as a portion of your team registration. The premium participant assessment is $46.80 and is payable by adding this in addition to the clinic registration fee.

If you have any questions I would ask that you first re-scan the information in this email and review the registration pages - most of the answers you seek will be in either (or both) of these resources! If you still can't find your answer then please email, call, or text me.

It is very important that if you plan on working as an Official this year that you are signed up, have your Criminal Record Check (CRC) completed if applicable, and paid in advance of the clinic. Please ensure you have completed all of the required steps well in advance. PLEASE start this process straight away and print/screenshot a copy of the confirmation screen at the end.

See the BC Hockey website for a list of these clinics: Click Here

Steve Brooks
Whistler Referee-in-Chief